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Thursday, 10 May 2012

The other half...

The other half of me goes to work without a smile
He just close the door behind him
and say goodbye
no hug and kisses as always
nor bright cheerful face
and this makes me wonder
why the sudden change.

Have I done something wrong
that has bruised his ego
stir his feelings
or broke his heart?

I try to ponder
what have I said and done
unreeling the day before
and the day before
there might be something
which I didn't know.

After much thought
what it is and however it might be
I just let it be.
I will not dug
I will not ask.

I also do have my moments
when I am so prickly and untouchable
and he just let it pass..

As for me
I have made a vow to myself
today  is another wonderful day that shouldn't be waste
life is about riding the roller coaster that goes ups and downs
just hang on to your seat
and ENJOY each moment that passes by...


Have another awesome and wonderful day...
Peace be upon you..
Sign off now...
Kalau Suka LIKE le..

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